The Media Age Has Too Much To Offer

The Media Age Has Too Much To Offer

Student years are indeed the best part of our life. This is a complicated process of personality formation, finding yourself in life and having parties like you have never had before. 

We all know and remember how difficult it is to be a student not only in studying process but also in daily routine like waking up for the first pair, searching for the correct lecture cabinet or making a first profit when somebody asks you to write essay for money. But the 21st century brings only positive emotions in life of young enthusiasts who supports its electronic ideas.

12 Interesting Apps Every Student Should Have

These are technologies that can greatly simplify the life of a student in any educational institution:

Clever Alarm-Clock

If you are one of those people who disables wake-up clock and starts dreaming again, you will appreciate this app. It is not enough to click the right button to turn off the alarm. You must awake and solve a puzzle which will be enough to make your sleepy brain active.

Puzzle Alarm-Clock

Another clever in trend alarm. It has flexible system settings and three difficulty levels of puzzles to be solved to turn this morning singer off.


Here we have one of the best digital organizers in the eyes of users. Remember the last time you asked yourself "Will I ever find a time to do my paper work?". Now you can organize everything.

iStudieZ Pro

Also a very nice student organizer with various functionality and neat design.


We need more organizers and diaries! This convenient app is a good storage of your lecture and seminar schedules, homework and notes.


This voice recorder has one notable feature – it is possible to highlight key elements of the speech. This further saves the user from having to rewind the entire 1.5-hour recording from a lecture to find the right moment. 

MyScript Calculator

This calculator recognizes handwriting and immediately solves the written examples. If you are not a fan of complex scientific calculators and prefer true-manual managing, the app will suit you well.


This is a pretty unique application. Here you can find and look through lots of different courses on a variety of subjects. Besides, these courses are from leading universities and institutions around the world. It's just a great opportunity to gather useful information. 


This app will boost you speed reading skills up. More training you have with the app, more results and time saving you gain while reading new information. 


Now you have high-quality videos from different conferences with famous people from all over the world sharing their experience and motivation.

Complete Chemistry

A useful guide into the world of chemistry. It contains periodic table, solubility table and plenty of other information that is not always feasible to keep in mind.


If you spend too much time on Facebook instead of doing useful things, this is made for you. The app blocks an access to any website and other applications of your choice for a specific amount of time. The most important thing – your actions can not be canceled, even restarting the gadget.

Enjoy the modern world and horizons it can broad.


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