Best Online Courses and Online Learning for Students

Best Online Courses and Online Learning for Students

Not everybody may like online learning, however, in any case, there is a great deal of websites which offer different online courses that may seem appealing for you. Here is a list of the best online courses for students you can take a look at. This list is divided into some "classes" of the main areas of jobs. Some of these courses are free of charge, some are cheap but have to be paid for, while the others offer certificates if you make a nominal payment. Whatever you may want to learn, look at these courses and you will probably find a course of your interest.

Music & Art

1. Dave Conservatoire – This service provides video lessons and some tests for people, who may be interested in music. Apart from gaining new skills, enjoy studying for free!

2. Drawspace – Learn how to draw with the help of instructors. Choose between a free and a paid versions. This is your chance to become a skilled drawer!

3. Justin Guitar – More than 750 guitar lessons for free + an instruction on how to become a professional guitarist. Moreover, there is an option of broadening your knowledge while buying some additional content and mobile apps.

Engineering, Programming & Math

1. Codecademy – This website has a software programming courses for the people of different ages. 

2. Stanford Engineering Everywhere – Studying the courses in SEE is similar to studying at school because you will have all the course information, videos from the lectures, homework and even the exams. And you can use it for free!

3. Better Explained – If you have problems with mathematics, then use this website. It offers some courses including the videos with explanations. You can find the courses on algebra, accounting and statistics for economists there. 


1. HOW Design University – Graphic and interactive design is taught here. Furthermore, if you are a professional in this sphere, you can apply for a job in HOW.

2. Hack Design – A website with 50 free lessons. After completing this course, you will have the skills to design the games, mobile apps and many other Web sources.


1. Apple Developer Site – Want to know more about developing the apps for iPhones, Safari and MACs? If the answer is yes, then it is recommended to check this website.

2. Google Code – Courses on the software development for Android.


1. Howcast – Learn how to cook, how to make the handmade stuff and many other things. This website includes a lot of videos for broadening your knowledge and entertaining yourself.

2. Do It Yourself – The purpose of using DIY is similar to the website above – to gain skills in different spheres of life. However, the courses on this website are mostly oriented on making the improvements in your home.

3. online assignment help – Use this cheap service if you have problems with writing your essays or course works. Save your time and money!

All in one

1. Stanford Online – Take a look at the courses on different topics for everyone. This website is perfect for students because it includes the information about everything- from developing your writing skills to the deep understanding of physics.

2. Harvard Extension School: Open Learning Initiative – Watch the online lessons on all the universities’ topics in order to be more knowledgeable in the areas you want to know more about. 

Distance learning is a good opportunity for all the students. Furthermore, if it is free of charge, you may enjoy using the online courses without spending money on the knowledge gained. Therefore, feel free to enjoy the services above in order to receive some useful skills!

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