Fun ideas to keep you occupied during a storm

Fun ideas to keep you occupied during a storm

Here in Chester we are blessed to have great temperate weather, on the whole. But while checking the weather today I noticed that next week Tuesday we are possibly in store for some thunderstorms. And you know what comes with Thunder? Yes, lightening. It is so dangerous to be anywhere outside during a thunderstorm in case lightning hits you, so it is best to stay indoors. While you are stuck indoors, here are some fun ideas to keep you occupied. 

Online Games 

When you are stuck inside your house due to a storm, the best thing to do is find an activity that you can get lost in, and will enjoy. This will help the time pass more quickly. I suggest playing some online casino games at that provides you with options for the best casinos. Here you can compare their features and the value of their new player welcome bonuses and decide which online casino will be the best fit for you. They also have online casino reviews so you can read in-depth about all of your options. It may be disappointing to have to be indoors all day, but if you strike it lucky and win big, it may not be so bad after all! 

Spring Clean

Nobody enjoys cleaning out their closet, but it is something that needs to be done at least once a year. If you have not already, use your indoors time wisely and give your house a good spring clean! Get rid of all the junk that you do not use or have duplicates of. Get three big boxes, one for items to donate to your local charity. Another for items you may want to sell online. And a final box for items that are broken or unusable and need to be thrown in the trash. This three box system really helps to streamline the process and make it go a lot more smoothly. At the end  of the day you will have a less cluttered house and wardrobe, will feel good about donating old clothes and other items to charity, and you may get some money from items you choose to resell. Not a bad outcome for a day stuck inside! 

Get creative in the kitchen 

My favorite thing to do on a rainy or stormy day is bake. It is really relaxing, and who does not love the smell of chocolate chip cookies emanating from the kitchen? If you claim to be a terrible baker, give it another try! Baking is a science –so if you follow all the instructions on the recipe to a tee and make sure that your measurements are correct, it should turn out okay! For a little inspiration have a look at these 80 easy baking recipes. There are so many to choose from; brownies, cakes and cobblers –there is something for everyone’s palate on this extensive list. Eating warm baked goods while it rains and pours outside will definitely warm and brighten your day. 


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