Alice Through The Looking Glass: this mirror is broken

Helpfully, Lewis Carroll did write a second book about Alice and her adventures in Wonderland, "Through the Looking-Glass", but it proves to be only a suggestion for the film, which arrives this weekend, to a very diminished return. He's also sort-of-romancing the still-shrieking Iracebeth or Red Queen, who's again portrayed with great villainous glee by a strikingly-FXed and massively-headed Helena Bonham Carter, and her short scenes with Cohen are the funniest here, before the filmmakers keep in mind to get back to all that irritatingly goofy and gooey plotting.

But Sacha Baron Cohen, as Time himself, is less charming (although his Werner Herzog accent is a hoot).

Wasikowska who reprises her role as Alice in the film explained that: "Tim articulates things very visually and then James likes talking about things more". He tows the line so well that the audience never experiences that CGI fatigue all too common with the wealth of superhero movies released in recent years. The ABC-TV modern-day fairytale anthology Once Upon a Time spun off a standalone series, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, based on Carroll's novels, in 2013. I'd recommend opting for the 3D glasses if you're cinema bound.

Time - who is part clock, part man and sounds a lot like Werner Herzog - is played by Sasha Baron Cohen.

That's a shame, since the Alice stories could be so wonderful on the big screen. However, to explain all of this-why the Hatter is sick, how time travel is possible, where all the characters are now-the film drags through what feels like an infinite amount of exposition and talking. Alice also finds time to leap through a looking glass and return to Wonderland.

This time out, Alan Rickman's Blue Caterpillar has gone through a transformation; he is now a butterfly, but hopefully just as dry and witty as he was in the first film.

"In the first film, Alice was awkward, uncomfortable and less sure of herself", Wasikowska says. This time her livelihood is in jeopardy (she's a sea captain now, and a good one). The movie got so monotonous, I literally felt like I'd seen a scene before in the same film. "It is also a refreshing, feminist take on the classic Lewis Carroll story".

"Having been through it and going through it myself, I know how important that is just to be able to, with all the influences and the outside entities coming into it, it is like you need to give the guy some space to be able to do what he needs to do".

Time, says Todd, may look like a villain in the piece, "but really is a bit of a buffoon".

According to the BBC, filming for "Alice Through the Looking Glass" took place in Gloucester Docks which included the use of at least four historic ships: Kathleen and May, Irene, Excelsior and the Earl of Pembroke, which was renamed The Wonder for the film.

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