Toyota adds 1.6 million cars to airbag recall

Toyota adds 1.6 million cars to airbag recall

Toyota is adding almost 1.6 million more cars to its recall of vehicles with Takata air bags, it announced Monday.

Toyota plans to recall almost 1.6 million more vehicles in the United States. This video was licensed from Grab Networks. On Thursday, a spokeswoman for Daimler AG said another 197,000 vehicles in the United States will need to be recalled - but all have been recalled in previous driver-side airbag calls.

"NHTSA's aggressive actions in 2015 means this recall is already a year ahead of where it would have been if the agency had waited for this research", said NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind. The faulty Takata inflators have been linked to over 100 injuries and 13 deaths at a global level.

Theadministration is concentrating on recalling those air bag inflators based on ammonium nitrate-based propellant without a chemical drying agent or desiccant. The affect models are 2007-2008 Yaris Hatchback and Sedan as well as 2008 Scion xB.

A confluence of factors is causing Takata-built airbag inflators to fail, exploding in a cloud of shrapnel instead of inflating the airbag during an accident. Affected owners will be notified by mail, and the fix requires replacing either the inflator itself or the entire airbag assembly, depending on model. Last week, Takata filed reports with US auto safety regulators declaring almost 14 million air bag inflators defective - in the first of a series of required reports.

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