Sanders wins Oregon, battles Clinton in Ky.; Trump wins Ore


Despite the sometimes heated exchanges between the Clinton and Sanders campaigns in the ongoing primary, the mood at Saturday's event was more excited than confrontational.

As for Democrats, Moore said it's possible they're feeling tired.

The former secretary of state is likely to reach her magic number on June 7, when a huge slate of primaries (in California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and the Dakotas) will put up for grabs more than 800 delegates.

"It was so close", Lowry said of the election returns.

Currently, Hillary Clinton is leading the race, with 2,291 delegates, needing less than 100 in order to be officially nominated.

Trump has begun to organize his general election campaign. Former Gov. Steve Beshear fought to set up a state program for Obamacare that became a national model - only to watch Republican Gov. Matt Bevin strive to dismantle it. The changes of the Obama era are still not secured in Kentucky - so Sanders' big-picture liberalism feels much less feasible there. The agreement allows him to raise US$449,400 from a single donor by splitting the funds between his campaign, the RNC and state Republican parties.

What may bother Sanders' supporters: Lundergan Grimes went on CNN before all the votes were in and called Clinton the "unofficial" victor of Kentucky.

Trump, in an interview with Megyn Kelly that aired on Fox News Tuesday night, said he did have regrets about his actions during the Republican primary process.

"Meanwhile, he's raising issues that I care about, he's raising issues Vermonters care about", Shumlin says.

Clinton won Nevada's caucuses in February, but the Sanders campaign had hoped to pick up some additional delegates by sending large numbers of his supporters to the state convention.

Lange says that's why Clinton won. Others applied chalk graffiti to a party building. This morning, we are talking with Roberta Lange about the threats she has gotten.

"We believe, unfortunately, that the tactics and behavior on display here in Nevada are harbingers of things to come as Democrats gather in Philadelphia in July for our National Convention", the state party's lawyer wrote in a formal complaint to the Democratic National Committee.

'And we're going to be united on that and we're going to have a process that we'll go through whenever we have a presumptive nominee, to work together as we always do, and we will come together, lock arms, and make sure that everybody feels included and that we can get this done, ' she said. "No one should be subjected to death threats".

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, who is one of Oregon's 13 Democratic superdelegates, told The Associated Press that she won't reconsider her Clinton endorsement and it's time for Sanders to step out of the way.

Sanders on Tuesday called such accusations "nonsense", adding that the Nevada Democratic Party had unfairly impeded his presidential campaign.

"Open the doors; let the people in", Sanders said, after supporters booed the mention of the Democratic Party. The campaigns earlier this year agreed in principle to hold a May debate.

The state party disputed the Sanders campaign's interpretation of the events.

Clinton and her supporters have avoided calling on Sanders to drop out of the race. The Vermont senator's economic hits on Clinton could benefit Trump, as he seeks to appeal to independent voters.

What's more, Sanders' victory in OR ensures that he will continue to bedevil Clinton until the next Democratic contests in two and a half weeks.

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