Kerry says he will attend Mideast peace meeting in France

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu told France's foreign minister on Sunday that Israel remained opposed to a French initiative for an global conference to try to revive peace talks.

France has embarked on diplomatic efforts to resurrect peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis which collapsed 2 years ago, in April 2014 before the Gaza conflict. He pledged that Egypt would "make every effort" toward a solution.

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US Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday visited Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, a day after the Egyptian leader made an unusual direct appeal to Israeli leaders and public opinion for progress towards a peace deal with the Palestinians.

The announcement on Tuesday came hours after French President Francois Hollande said a summit of representatives of 20 countries that had been scheduled for May 30 would be postponed because U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry can not attend.

Last week, U.S. government auditors slammed Kerry's department for authorizing arms sales to Egypt without ensuring that Cairo would not use them in rights abuses.

Kerry said any peace effort would require compromise from both sides.

In a press conference at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters in Brussels Kerry said that the United States welcomes the French peace initiative and confirmed he will attend the preliminary foreign ministers' meeting.

Should such a solution be found, he said, "I can guarantee, and we can all guarantee peace and security for both sides".

In the latest wave of violence since October, the Israeli army has killed at least 206 Palestinians, including protesters, bystanders and alleged attackers, while 33 Israelis have been killed in stabbing and shooting incidents.

"I want to say to all those listening, Palestinians and Israelis: Please, there is now a great opportunity for a better future and life and greater hope and stability", he said.

According to the sources that spoke to Ravid the only message which Blair conveys to Netanyahu and Herzog from the Arab leaders is about their readiness to develop the relations with Tel Aviv, but adding that the Arab leaders always stipulate that Israel should communicate with the Palestinians regarding the settlement.

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