Sanders Defiant After Winning Oregon, Splitting Delegates in Kentucky

AFGE  CC BY 2.0Sanders speaks to his supporters at his rally

It was nearly a month ago now that the AP explained that Clinton could lose every state left to vote and still win, and the numbers have only gotten worse for her inexhaustible opponent since then: Bernie Sanders now needs upwards of 87% of delegates and 66% of pledged delegates to win the Democratic nomination.

In Kentucky, Clinton split the delegate slate with Bernie Sanders, earning 29, and in OR, despite losing 55%-45%, she still notched 30 delegates, according to a tally put together by the AP.

On Tuesday, Sanders picked up 61 delegates to Clinton's 52.

The poll also found that Sanders tops Trump 49% to 37% in a hypothetical general election matchup, with the Vermont senator's favorability numbers far higher than Trump or Clinton.

Rallying supporters in California, Sanders said he would end up with about half of the delegates in Kentucky and promised to press forward even though he would need to win about two-thirds of the remaining pledged delegates to end the primary season in a tie.

The Sanders campaign has been touting a similar point, with senior adviser Tad Devine telling ABC News that more than 900,000 people have registered to vote or changed their registration in California as the state's June 7 primary approaches.

But in the Derby state, it was Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton who won by a nose.

Democratic presidential hopeful Clinton has a significant lead in the number of delegates.

In the Republican race, meanwhile, Trump, whose victory in the GOP's OR primary Tuesday awarded him 17 delegates, now has 1,160 total delegates, the AP's most recent count showed, meaning he is only 77 shy of the 1,237 he needs to formally secure the nomination.

Clinton did not appear in public on Tuesday night, but her campaign tweeted thanks to the people of Kentucky and said "we're always stronger united".

Still, the primary brought the billionaire to within fewer than 70 delegates of the 1,237 delegates he needs to formally claim the nomination.

There were tense confrontations between Sanders delegates and Nevada officials, and the state party chairwoman has said she since has received threats from Sanders supporters.

For Politico, Gabriel Debenedetti suggests Ms. Clinton's victory may prove joyless and does little to strengthen her position. Clinton leads overwhelmingly there despite Sanders's pleas that they should support him instead. He defeated Clinton, the former secretary of state, 53 to 47 percent. Supporters of Sanders shouted down pro-Clinton speakers during the convention and there were reports of shoving. Barbara BoxerBarbara BoxerDem senator warns Sanders not to recreate 1968 chaos at convention Nevada Dem chair wants apology from Sanders campaign Senator defends Sanders's response to Nevada chaos MORE (D-Calif.) as she spoke.

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