NBA Prediction 5/22/16 - Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

Ahead of Game 2, Green said that it was fun being in a position that they hadn't been in before. After stealing one in Oakland the Thunder now have home court advantage and seek to capitalize with it. However, do not expect this to be an easy path to the Finals for the Thunder now that the have home court advantage, they still have to beat the most (tied for the most) winning team in regular season history, the Golden Stated Warriors. "It makes us feel like we're soft, we're weak", Ibaka said Saturday at the Thunder practice facility, where OKC prepared for Sunday's Game 3. It's unlikely, and while Irving and Love are both talented players who strongly impact games, we aren't sure if anyone can slow down Westbrook, Durant, or Curry. That's something you can't always watch on film and can't always change. They made the right adjustments and played with high energy.

Ibaka acknowledged that getting pushed around wasn't pleasant for someone used to being on the inflicting end.

And not being, you know, soft. They outscored Oklahoma City 31-19 in the period and barely allowed Durant and Westbrook to even shoot the ball. As he said in the above quote, the Warriors swarmed him all night with multiple defenders.

Yet Curry had plenty left, scoring 15 straight points in less than 2 minutes during a third-quarter frenzy on his way to 28 points.

Game 3 is Sunday at Chesapeake Energy Arena, with tip-off at 5 p.m. PDT. "Just because we're home [it] doesn't mean anything". "I wouldn't throw any adjectives out there, but we played like ourselves". "I thought he didn't have to jump over".

Playing smarter would also help. Kevin Durant scored 26. Thunder Coach Billy Donovan said his team needed to create better passing lanes, though that might be hard the way the Warriors have essentially ignored Andre Roberson, jamming the interior by allocating their defensive resources to Oklahoma City's other four players.

There was Draymond Green's halftime tirade, during which he yelled at coach Steve Kerr and threatened to not play the second half. "I doubt we'll do that given that they're home now and they'll have the crowd behind them and probably come out with a lot of force".

But he was wearing a shooting sleeve over the elbow for protection.

"Take a Sharpie and write my name or something? No". During warmups. Curry could be seen pretending that he was golfing with the basketball, followed by playing catcher and calling someone out on strikes. It's the first time the Warriors have been back since February 28th, when the Warriors came back to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in thrilling fashion in overtime. "That's all I'll say".

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