Census reports small drop in Pittsburgh's population

The Census Bureau estimates the city has lost 3,600 people since 2010, putting its population around 316,000. The state had five of the eight cities that saw the biggest increase in number of residents (Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas and Austin).

In Pennsylvania, along the NY border, Bradford County was off 2 percent, or 1,341 people, in the five years to 61,281.

The latest annual population statistics were released by the Census Bureau today at midnight and the figures show Lorain County growing slightly. Denver and Seattle were both among the nations 11 top numerically gaining cities.

Some non-Texas cities that were among the fastest-growing include Ankeny, Iowa (its population jumped 6.5%) near Des Moines and South Jordan, Utah (up 6%) near Salt Lake City. Similar to the county, the city could be having more residents dying than being born, and the local economy may lack sufficient job growth to attract newcomers who outnumber those natural losses. Charlotte remained by far the state's largest city and the 17th largest in the country, with 827,097 residents.

In March the census bureau released data showing that Oregon's population grew by 1.5 percent within a year, almost returning to pre-recession growth rates. Southwest Detroit has seen older homes renovated in the city's largest Latino community.

• Seven cities crossed the 50,000 population mark for the first time between 2014 and 2015: Poway, Calif.; Bonita Springs, Fla.; Edina, Minn.; Galveston, Texas; Logan, Utah; Leesburg, Va.; and Olympia, Wash. The city, located between North Charleston and Goose Creek, saw its population rise 39 percent from 2000 to 2010.

Texas state demographer Lloyd Potter said that there's "concentric pressure", pushing growth outward from urban cores to the suburban ring cities.

That contributes to what Murdock described as a perhaps obvious, but sometimes forgotten, population booster: natural increases, or more babies being born than people dying.

• California and Arizona each had two cities on the list of the 15 fastest growing.

Forsyth County is one of the fastest growing in the country, with more than 3,000 new housing units in 2015.

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