Bernie Sanders Defeats Hillary Clinton In Oregon Primary


Throughout the year, Sanders and his supporters have complained about the nomination process and ways they believe it has helped Clinton, including debates held on Saturday nights, closed primaries in major states such as NY, and the use of superdelegates - essentially free-agent party and union stalwarts who are overwhelmingly backing Clinton.

U.S. presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has been forced to fight on after she and rival Bernie Sanders won one state each last night. Sanders supporters on Saturday threw chairs and erupted in jeers as they accused state party leaders of rigging the delegate system in Clinton's favor, prompting security guards to abruptly end the event. But Alison Grimes, the Kentucky Secretary of State, said she believed Clinton would prevail. Clinton, meanwhile, didn't personally campaign in the state and spent very little money on advertising here.

He tells supporters Clinton "might get nervous", but he thinks his campaign is "going to win here in California". "We're always stronger united", Clinton tweeted.

Sanders locked up the OR victory by establishing insurmountable leads in Democratic strongholds including Multnomah and Lane counties. He said he managed to do well in Kentucky even though the state does not allow independents to vote in the Democratic primary. "This is in a sense the beginning of the final push to win California". "We are not going to allow the millions of people who supported Bernie Sanders to be sort of rolled over in places like Nevada by the way they handled that convention".

Trump taunted Clinton about the closeness of the Kentucky race. I guarantee you that.

"Amazing that Crooked Hillary can do a hit ad on me concerning women when her husband was the WORST abuser of woman in USA political history", Trump tweeted.

Even some Democratic voters in OR, who either mailed in their ballots OR dropped them off at collection points, who voted for Sanders felt that a Trump-Clinton showdown in November is inevitable. "The media is ready to call this race over, but I think voters in the various states want to see this race go on". In a Saaturday, May 14, 2016 photo, supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders crowd the front of the room during the Nevada State Democratic Party's 2016 State Convention at the Pari.

In a sign of the tensions between the two sides, Sanders issued a defiant statement on Tuesday dismissing complaints from Nevada Democrats as "nonsense" and said his supporters were not being treated with "fairness and respect".

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday that "violence and intimidation are never acceptable under any circumstances".

Clinton entered Tuesday's primaries in Kentucky and OR with a commanding lead of almost 300 pledged delegates over Sanders and a dominant advantage among party officials and elected leaders known as superdelegates. "But I thought that it would be important to vote for the things I believed in, and then vote for Hillary in the general election". Priorities USA, the pro-Clinton super PAC, will begin airing general election ads against Trump on Wednesday in states that will be key battle grounds in November, including Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Nevada.

On Sunday, former First Lady Clinton appeared to indicate her husband Bill would play a role in her administration if she were elected, promising to put him "in charge of revitalizing the economy".

Kentucky is the type of state where the former secretary of state has prospered this year.

"What Nevada shows is the kindling is there", Joe Trippi, a Democratic strategist, told the New York Times of Sanders' support base.

Former President Bill Clinton, who campaigned energetically for his wife, carried Kentucky in both his election wins in 1992 and 1996 and the Clintons maintain deep political roots in the state. Clinton has also done well in southern contests.

But her comments in a CNN town hall meeting in OH in March that her clean energy policies would "put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business" stung in a state with a rich mining heritage.

Sanders did well in Kentucky's more rural areas - coal mining-heavy regions similar to those he captured last week in the West Virginia primary. "Will be another bad day for her!" She also has become aligned with Obama's unpopular environmental policies in the region.

"I could have used different language in a couple of instances, but overall I'm happy with the outcome", Trump said.

The DNC chairwoman, however, said she has not spoken directly with Sanders, but that her staff has been in touch with the Vermont senator's campaign.

Clinton also headlined 11 campaign stops over the last two weeks in Kentucky.

Sanders was favored in OR, which is among the nation's most liberal states.

A second state, Oregon, also concludes voting Tuesday. Clinton needs only 118 delegates to claim her party's nomination.

The Sanders campaign condemned unruly behavior from supporters and those who made threats to party leaders, but it is sticking with its stance that the party is subverting the process in a way that benefits Clinton. When pledged delegates and superdelegates are combined, Clinton is now about 96 percent of the way toward securing the Democratic nomination.

Trump was running unopposed in the sole Republican primary in OR, poised to pad his hold on the Republican nomination. With 1,160 delegates, Trump is within 77 delegates of clinching the nomination. There are 28 Republican delegates up for grabs Tuesday.

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