NJ man with Hitler mustache charged in weapons, ammo case

Possible White Supremacist Found With Gun Cache AK-47 In Lacey Woods

After searching the area, they arrested two men in combat gear who were in possession of various weapons, including high-powered automatic rifles.

Wearing combat gear, Post, from New Jersey, US, was giving off hints he was a "possible white supremacist" when he was discovered in woodland area in Lacey and Ocean in new Jersey.

Post was charged with by Officer Michael Eden and Detective Keith Pearce with first-degree unlawful possession of weapons (for being barred from possessing weapons, as a convicted felon), as well as second-degree offenses of unlawful possession of weapons for the handgun, unlawful possession of weapons for the AK-47, and certain persons not to have weapons.

Lacey police said the heavily armed Hitler-wannabe was giving off hints he was a "possible white supremacist" - if his moustache and haircut weren't enough.

Investigators found an AK-47, a Walther P38 9mm handgun, eight 30-round magazines, a 100-round drum magazine and other ammunition they say was hidden in the woods. Post and his accomplice were found about 100 yards from the vehicle, which was later impounded.

However, Paprota said the investigation was ongoing and that additional charges against the second individual were pending the investigation. Additionally, he was charged with possession of prohibited weapons and devices for the high-capacity magazine. He was then transported to Ocean County Jail in Toms River, where he was held in lieu of $400,000 cash bail. He was only identified as a 38-year-old from Hamilton.

Strangely, police found shovels and tarps in Post's possession.

The officers from a Lacey Township Police Department-led multi-agency task force, who were patrolling the woodlands for trespassers, searched the area with K9s.

"Based on Bruce J. Post's well-publicized past history out of Trenton and Hamilton, NJ, the Lacey Township Police Department is asking anyone with information that might be helpful to this investigation to contact Lieutenant Michael DiBella or Officer Michael Eden of the Lacey Township Police Department at 609-693-6636".

Bruce Post - known for dressing up in Nazi regalia and sporting a Hitler mustache - was found guilty for cleaning up the murder scene.

Court records show Post received a five-year sentence in 1997 for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

In that case, Bruce Post witnessed his brother kill a man by stabbing him at least 25 times as the movie Pulp Fiction was playing in the background, the Trentonian reported.

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