Donald Trump's path to nomination clears as John Kasich drops out

Reuters              Ohio Gov. John Kasich announces his decision in Columbus Ohio on Wednesday

Kasich often pointed to polls that he said showed he was the only candidate capable of beating Hillary Clinton in the general election.

After winning the IN primary on Tuesday night, front runner Donald Trump all but locked up the Republican nomination.

The Ohio governor on Wednesday cancelled a campaign event he had scheduled in Washington and announced that later in the day he would speak to the media from his home state.

In his first interview as the presumptive Republican candidate, Trump continued to play fast and loose with facts, reiterating a roundly disproved claim that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

Shortly after, Kasich campaign manager Ben Hansen sent out a fundraising email to supporters insisting his candidate could take on Trump in the last leg of races until the party meets in Cleveland for its summer nominating convention. "But make no mistake, the extreme policies for which he has long fought, are virtually indistinguishable from those of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and the rest of the modern Republican Party".

Trump said of Cruz, "He is a tough, smart guy!" "I think we're going to beat Hillary Clinton".

Instead, Trump said he'd likely start taking outside funds - but he insisted the cash was for the Republican Party and not himself.

Trump's campaign has been marked by tactics that might be viewed as bullying, usually putting his rivals on the defensive.

It is mathematically impossible for Bernie Sanders to win enough delegates in the remaining Democratic contests to secure the nomination, but his aides see a path through a convention battle in Philadelphia that would target the party's superdelegates.

Clinton has 1,700 pledged delegates, or 55 percent of the total, while Sanders has 1,410, or 45 percent of the total. "I'm going to really give it my all to give every person, specifically every child in this country, to give them every opportunity to rise".

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