Trump says his tax rate is no one's business

Trump again said Friday he plans to release his income tax returns - but only when the Internal Revenue Service has finished examining them. Well all except one - Donald Trump has yet to release any tax records to the public, saying that he can't release them because he is being audited by the IRS.

Asked if he thought voters had a right to see his returns, something that presidential nominees have provided for roughly 40 years, the candidate replied, "I don't think they do".

The Hillary Clinton camp has released a video questioning why Donald Trump has refused to release his tax returns until he says an ongoing government audit of his finances is completed. However, he said, his political opponents misconstrued them. "You can learn very little from a tax return".

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson says he's "sympathetic with someone like Mr. Trump" and wants to give him time to get up to speed on policy issues before pressing fellow Republicans to endorse him. The wheels started to fall off for Trump when he was asked when he released his tax returns when applying for a casino license, but won't do so when running for president.

If you're waiting for Donald Trump to release his income tax returns to the public, don't hold your breath.

"I don't have Swiss bank accounts", he said.

On the possibility of releasing returns that are not under IRS scrutiny, Trump said "There's a link between [those returns] and other things".

Stephen Moore, a prominent conservative commentator and founder of the Club for Growth, who met with Trump several weeks ago, says he remains convinced that the candidate is committed to tax cuts.

For Trump's part, he's made it clear that he has tried to pay as little as possible. "I think that's been a centerpiece of what he's been talking about on taxes", Moore said.

Trump has asked Cramer to write a white paper on energy policy, Cramer and sources familiar with the matter said. But he is not the first businessman ever to run for public office, and most have found ways to make their tax information available, even in redacted form. "Every presidential nominee since 1976 has released their tax returns in the interest of transparency".

Romney criticized Trump on Wednesday, calling Trump's refusal to disclose "disqualifying" and accusing him of trying to hide "a bombshell". Trump said Friday he hopes the audit process is over before November. Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and her rival, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, have both released their returns.

Furthermore, Trump states that he is under no obligation to release his returns, although it's been standard operating procedure for candidates since President Richard Nixon did so, while under audit, and Gerald Ford followed suit upon attaining the Presidency. "You'll see it when it's released".

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