Girl finding gun under grandma's pillow turns into tragedy

Police are investigating a package in downtown Detroit

A Detroit girl fatally shot herself the morning of May 11 with a handgun she found underneath her grandmother's pillow, officials said.

McMichael said Mariah, her 1-year-old brother and a friend's 3-year-old child were being babysat by the grandparents.

Police say it's a heartbreaking reminder of why gun safety is so important.

"The little girl was in an upstairs bedroom where she found the gun under her grandmother's pillow", said Donakowski.

"It was an bad tragedy that has all of us shook up and our heart broke", Freda Davis, the aunt of the young victim Mariah Davis, told WWJ.

This happened at a house in the 19,700 block of Oakfield Avenue on the city's west side, near Pembroke Avenue and the Southfield freeway.

Police questioned and released the girl's grandmother, Moreno said.

Police were unable to confirm exactly where the girl sustained a gunshot wound, but confirmed that she fired the weapon.

The girl's death was the fifth time in the six weeks since Easter that a child has been shot or shot themselves in Detroit, the News reports.

Police are investigating. No arrests have been made.

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