Donald Trump marks Cinco de Mayo by eating taco bowl, loving Hispanics

Donald Trump marks Cinco de Mayo by eating taco bowl, loving Hispanics

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, the billionaire businessman posted a picture of himself about to eat a taco salad while sitting at his desk in Trump Tower. It shows him eating a taco bowl on the holiday.

"I'm kind of proud of him for not putting "the" in front of Hispanics".

It took off on social media, with celebrities weighed in by mocking the post. The best ham and pineapple pizza is being made in Trump Tower Grill. Southwest Florida weighed in on the debate.

Presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump sure knows how to mend any fences that may have been breached by his plan to build a wall: Yesterday, the serial tweeter posted this message: "Happy #CincoDeMayo!".

His daughter Ivanka also chimed in during that interview, calling Trump Grill 'the best restaurant in Midtown'.

Part of me is impressed because just when I think Trump has sunk to the absolute bottom of the trolling barrel, he goes deeper. By the way, the Trump Grill doesn't actually serve a taco bowl - though the nearby Trump Grill Cafe does offer something similar called a "Taco Fiesta".

Obama said his inability to reform the immigration law is "one of the most frustrating aspects" of his presidency, said The Associated Press, according to ABC News.

Meanwhile others claimed the tweet was racist and played off crude stereotypes, with one user adding: "Can't wait for Trump's fried chicken lunch to reach out to African Americans".

"He certainly can't afford to dislike all Hispanics if he wants to win the presidency", said Mrs. Jessen.

Mucino, who is half-Mexican and half-French, said Cinco De Mayo is a big holiday in her family.

The Rolling Stones just joined a long list of musicians demanding that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stop playing their songs at his events and rallies. Chipotle even tweeted Trump. The photo's goal wasn't remotely hidden, considering Trump has been throwing verbal barbs at the Hispanic community for most of his campaign.

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