Clinton raises $26 million in April for primary bid

For his plan to work, he'll need plenty of big-time breaks.

The current pledged delegate count, according to NBC News, is Clinton 1,641, Sanders 1320. A Democrat candidate needs 2,383 delegates to win the nomination, and, including superdelegates, Clinton sits less than 200 delegates away from becoming her party's nominee. Clinton now has 1,645 and 520 superdelegates, while Sanders has 1,318 and 39.

"The Republican Party and Trump have the resources to do all the opposition research they want on Secretary Clinton". Clinton reportedly raised $26.4 million last month. Clinton has received more than 12.2 million votes in primaries and caucuses to date, compared with 9.1 million for Sanders.

Providing an example, he added: "In the state of Washington, we won that caucus with nearly 73 per cent of the vote there - 73 per cent of the vote". Sanders won four of those six states.

And the past few weeks have demonstrated that she has a lot of material to pull from.

"Despite her loss in IN, it looks like Clinton is on target to corral the delegates she needs for the nomination". It would not likely be the worst decision ever made at a contested Democratic convention. More than 51 percent Hillary Clinton's donors have maxed out.

For now, then, Sanders's hints at a contested convention are probably created to keep his supporters engaged in hopes of pulling off a major shift in the remaining dozen contests, or if that doesn't happen, to further build his national constituency in hopes of leveraging some influence over the party's agenda heading into the general election.

That date could move up sooner if Clinton does better than expected in the May contests and picks up many more superdelegate endorsements.

He said the money is already being used to staff operations in battleground states Ohio, Florida, Virginia and beyond, including registering voters, recruiting volunteers and boosting get-out-the-vote efforts.

Trump is campaigning across IN, which holds its primary on Tuesday.

He trails Clinton by more than 300 pledged delegates, according to The Associated Press.

Bernie sanders accuses Hillary Clinton of using "money-laundering" scheme.

"It is virtually impossible for Secretary Clinton to reach the majority of convention delegates by June 14 with pledged delegates alone", he said. This sample has a margin of error of +5.7 percent.

Sanders said he had no intention to drop out of the race and rejected the notion that his criticism of Clinton's record on issues like trade, campaign finance and the Iraq war would help Trump.

"You'd always like to be in a situation where you don't have that, but I think they'll manage it".

Hillary Clinton is 91 percent of the way to clinching the Democratic nomination, when including superdelegates.

One year ago, Sanders remembered, "We had no political organization, no money, no name recognition outside of Vermont". But there was a big difference: Obama had the lead among delegates from primaries and caucuses for much of the 2008 race. The other says superdelegates should vote as the electorate has voted. He would require him to win 65% of those 1,083 in remaining states to have a chance.

But by that logic, some of Sanders' faithful, including Reps.

Sanders appealed to superdelegates in states he handily won, asking them to reconsider their vote.

"The more they get that number down, that could potentially help him at the convention change the rule or change the planks", Grossmann says.

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