Attorney: Kansas delays Planned Parenthood's Medicaid cutoff

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The Planned Parenthood abortion business is not happy the state of Kansas approved legislation to permanently ban any taxpayer funding for the abortion corporation.

Planned Parenthood officials have said they receive $61,000 a year from the Medicaid program. Cruz has already won several elections.

Attorneys also filed the lawsuit for a doctor and four nurses who work for Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri; six nurses and nurse-midwives who formerly worked for the affiliates and three unnamed Kansas patients.

Cecile Richards also joined in the fun using her personal Twitter account, lamenting that Cruz and Kasich will, despite not winning the presidential nomination, continue to play an active role in politics.

The 31-page complaint alleges the termination was unlawful and based on spurious grounds, such as undercover videos taken last summer by abortion opponents that purport to prove that Planned Parenthood affiliates around the country sold fetal tissue for profit, a crime.

"Today, I am directing Secretary Susan Mosier to ensure that not a single dollar of taxpayer money goes to Planned Parenthood through our Medicaid program".

In a statement Wednesday, Laura McQuade, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, said the organization "won't allow extremists like Gov. Brownback to make baseless accusations without outcome".

National officials for Planned Parenthood contend the videos were selectively edited as part of a smear campaign.

The lawsuit claims Kansas offered "no possible legitimate basis" for its decision to defund Planned Parenthood, and that the state is in violation of the "free choice of provider requirement" that gives patients the right to see the doctors of their choice.

Oklahoma Health Care Authority Chief Executive Officer Nico Gomez said the agency notified Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma and Planned Parenthood of Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma in February of its intent to terminate provider agreements with the two affiliates.

Planned Parenthood filed its lawsuit against Kansas on Wednesday, arguing the state will break federal law and violate the U.S. Constitution when it follows Brownback's order to cut funding, the court records showed. Two anti-abortion activists involved in the videos have been indicted on criminal charges in Texas.

Medicaid funding can't be used for abortion services, but can pay for other health care the organization provides, such as cervical cancer screenings. "Not only are the allegations unfounded, but none relate in any way to PPSLR [Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region] or the eleven individual health care professionals, and certainly not to their ability to provide quality Medicaid services".

Fallin noted that the October Program and Integrity Review surrounding Planned Parenthood affiliates in Oklahoma shows that "more than one in every seven bills submitted for payment ... are inaccurately coded or insufficiently documented".

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