Trump holds double-digit lead over Cruz in IN ahead of primary

Trump holds double-digit lead over Cruz in IN ahead of primary

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The importance of IN for Cruz became evident even before he and fellow underdog John Kasich formed an alliance of sorts, with the OH governor agreeing to pull his advertising money from IN in exchange for Cruz doing the same IN OR and New Mexico. Explaining that she "doesn't understand" why he couldn't give a definite answer, Cruz still wouldn't answer, saying, "You've already asked one!".

Ahead of the IN primary elections, major news outlets and political pundits projected that the Democratic presidential nomination is likely to fall into the lap of Clinton, while Trump is now expected to emerge as the GOP nominee. In fact, most of the candidates - including business mogul Donald Trump, Texas Sen.

That statement was a few days before Cruz had his clock cleaned in the "Amtrak primaries", five northeastern states that Donald Trump swept. From dealing with personal attacks from Trump, to allegations of a sex scandal from the National Enquirer, Cruz's biggest problem has been a recent string of loses in multiple North East primary states. The Texas senator is pretty almost finished if he cannot beat Donald Trump in the winner-take-all Hoosier state, whose delegates could easily set the Republican front-runner on a glide path to clinch the nomination.

Heading into a contested convention in 1976, Ronald Reagan named Pennsylvania Sen. The church's parking lot was full of cars and dozens of people were inside ready to vote shortly after polls opened at 6 a.m. "It's going to be a battle on the ground, district by district by district".

Trump holds double-digit lead over Cruz in IN ahead of primary
Trump holds double-digit lead over Cruz in IN ahead of primary

While it's mathematically impossible for Cruz to win enough delegates in the remaining contests to clinch the nomination before the convention, a Cruz victory in IN could be the catalyst to put a contested convention back in play, said McIntosh, now president of Club for Growth.

Sixteen delegates and 13 alternates were approved at the state party's convention Saturday with only eight dissenting votes out of nearly 300 cast. That's where Cruz would have a shot. His latest success came on Saturday in Arizona, where most of the state-delegate slots went to Cruz supporters. Because Trump has a wide lead. Cruz won just 24.9 percent.

In the Democratic race, 92 delegates are available and they are allocated proportionally between the candidates that get 15 percent of the statewide vote.

Meanwhile, in the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has a narrow lead over Bernie Sanders with 50 percent to 46 percent in IN, the poll showed. Clinton has 2,165 to Sanders' 1,357 delegates, according to an AP count that includes superdelegates who have said whom they support. "In other words, the convention will be a contested contest". Superdelegates are Democratic Party insiders who can support the candidate of their choice, regardless of how their states vote.

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