Palestinian woman with knife shot by Israeli forces

Israeli police say they have shot a Palestinian couple after the woman attempted to stab security forces on the outskirts of Jerusalem. When they were ordered to stop, the woman pulled a knife out of her bag and waved it at an officer near her, the police statement said. Almost 200 Palestinians have been killed in clashes with Israeli security forces or after carrying out attacks on Israelis.

Police said they found two knives on the body of the man as well.

"Prison is bad", al-Wawi told The Associated Press.The case highlighted the separate legal systems that Palestinian and Jewish children are subject to in the West Bank.The number of Palestinian children held in Israeli prisons has soared over the past six months, including a growing number of girls.

Two Palestinian employees of the Islamic "waqf" foundation which administers the site were briefly detained on Tuesday for "assaulting Jewish visitors", police said, without saying whether this was related to the incident shown in the video footage.

"As soon as the two crossed, (Israeli forces) started screaming "Go back, go back", and then they began shooting".

Ahmad Taha, an eyewitness from Jerusalem said that after the soldiers shot the pregnant woman and her brother, they retreated a few meters back, and fired several additional live rounds on them, "confirming the kill".

According to Israeli military law, minors from age 12 can be charged, uniquely in the world according to United Nations children's agency Unicef.
Israel is now holding about 450 Palestinian minors, around 100 of whom are under 16. Al-Wawi was imprisoned by Israel for allegedly attempting to carry out a stabbing attack, Israeli military said.

The July firebombing of a Palestinian home in that West Bank village killed a Palestinian baby and his parents, and seriously wounded his brother.

Israel attributes the fall-off in incidents partly to tighter cooperation with Palestinian security forces in the West Bank and more stringent monitoring of social media to identify potential assailants.

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