Israel carried out 280 violations against journalists in 7 months

Israeli border policemen stand guard outside at Damascus Gate a main entrance to Jerusalem's Old City late

A Palestinian protester remonstrates with an Israeli police officer outside the Jerusalem District Court, during the sentencing of Yosef Ben David for the murder of 16-year-old Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khudair, May 3, 2016. His charred body was found in a forest. The attack was part of a spiral of violence in the run-up to the seven-week 2014 Gaza war between Israel and Hamas.

Ben-David was ordered to pay 20,000 shekels (approximately $5,000) to the family of another Palestinian child he attempted to kidnap the night before the Abu Khdeir murder, the news release said.

Abu Khdeir was kidnapped from Israeli-annexed East Jerusalem and beaten.

The court hearing went ahead with tensions once again high in Israel.

Almost 200 Palestinians were killed during this period, some in clashes with Israeli security forces during protests, while others were gunned down by security forces after committing attacks. A third man, Hussam Qawasmeh, was sentenced to three life terms in prison in connection with their murders.

Members of the Abu Khdeir family shouted at Ben-David in the courtroom, calling him a "piece of garbage" and "no better than a Nazi".

A forensic report showed the presence of smoke in his lungs, indicating that the boy had been alive when set alight.

However, the Magen David Adom rescue service said one of those hit by the auto had been badly injured.

The Palestinian health ministry said the attack occurred at a checkpoint and named him the attacker as Ahmed Shahaada, 36, from the Qalandia refugee camp near Ramallah.

Omar Nazzal was arrested on 23 April at the border between the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Jordan, where he had been due to fly to a European Federation of Journalists gathering in Bosnia.

Israeli troops fired at a Hamas base in Gaza on Wednesday, Palestinian security sources said, with the Israeli army saying it was responding to mortar fire.

Israeli forces have killed at least 192 Palestinians, 131 of whom Israel says were assailants.

The victim, described by police as "a Jewish male, aged about 60", was said by Jerusalem's Shaarei Tzedek hospital to be in stable condition after treatment to a damaged lung.

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