Malia Obama to attend Harvard University

The White House also confirmed that she will take a gap year before beginning school - and celebs and Internet users alike weighed in on social media about the teen's upcoming one-year break.

American universities including Princeton, Tufts and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have formal gap-year programmes, which give students the option of participating in a structured year of service overseas or in the United States, depending on the institution.

Some people thought they knew Malia's college decision before it was officially announced, since she'd been seen wearing a "Harvard Class of 2020" shirt on college signing day at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC.

That is so their youngest daughter, Sasha, can finish high school. Instead, she will enroll in the fall of 2017. She graduates in June.

Meanwhile, the fun side of President Barack Obama was again on show on Saturday as he made his final appearance at the White House correspondents' dinner. But first lady Michelle Obama has spoken about her advice to her daughters on applying to college.

She visited at least a dozen public and private colleges before settling on Harvard, where both her parents earned law degrees.

The White House confirmed on Sunday that the teen will wait until her father leaves office to begin her college education. Many wondered if she attend any of her parents' alma maters? This is a perfectly cromulent thing to do if a student decides to, but could set them back in terms of the experiences their peers are pursuing either at college or while on a more enriching gap year. She will become the latest in a long line of presidential children to attend the highly ranked Ivy League university.

The 17-year-old, who is now attending Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C., made the decision after visiting several public and private universities, and opted for Harvard instead of Princeton and Columbia, where her parents attended. Most of these students come from families struggling to make ends meet, and taking a gap year might mean sinking the family into financial ruin.

The 17-year-old will graduate this summer from Washington's prestigious Sidwell Friends School.

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