Girl who wrote Obama excited over Harriet Tubman on $20 bill

"We still live in a nation that doesn't like to acknowledge its history of racial and gender oppression".

Sofia said she does not have plans for politics herself in the future, and instead hopes to become a scientist.

Americans on social media this week have not been able to stop talking about one hot-button issue: the announcement that abolitionist Harriet Tubman will now be the image on the front of the $20 bill. BBC has reported: "Harriett Tubman was born into slavery in the 1820s". Then she went back to lead her family to freedom. It is a reminder that freedom is bigger than any single person, bigger even than national heroes like Washington, Jefferson and Jackson, who fought to gain and preserve freedom while denying it to others. It's an area Tubman called home, where her legacy is strong and it's expected to only become stronger once the bills start to circulate. Her performances were so successful that she was soon taking requests to do her portrayal at schools, churches and community groups, according to Enquirer archives.

She travelled 145 kilometres by foot through the forests and crossed into the slave-free state of Pennsylvania.

She worked as a cook and a nurse in the Union Army.

Citing Jackson's "history of tremendous success for the country", Trump said it would be nothing but "pure political correctness" to displace him from the widely used note.

Some cynics have portrayed Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew's recent decisions as a politically correct rearrangement of the deck chairs on the listing SS Paper Currency, shortly before that great ship plunges beneath the waves of the cashless society. He said the $10 bill was scheduled to go out first, citing security needs. But Alexander Hamilton, our first Secretary of Treasury, proved too popular with both conservatives and fans of the play "Hamilton". Additionally, the $5 bill will feature Marian Anderson, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Redesigning the bills makes a powerful statement about the role of women and minorities in shaping our nation. The fact that American currency only includes the images of white men is ridiculous and outdated. Our money should reflect these changes.

Many of us want to believe it is possible to accept each other without prejudices. All our transactions will be carried out electronically through cell phones or wristbands. Tubman, a prominent anti-slavery activist, will be the first African-American to appear on an American banknote and the first woman to appear on one in a century.

"Harriet Tubman is what's good about America", he said.

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