South Korea's Olympic Uniforms Protect Against Zika Virus

At the United Nations ceremony, the IOC President praised the message of hope and peace the Olympic Games and flame symbolises: "In ancient times as today, the Olympic Games are a message of hope and peace".

The flame represents a "beacon of solidarity with all the people of the world", said Ban Ki-moon at a ceremony to mark the event.

South Korean models present the South Korean Olympic team uniforms for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games at Korean National Training Center in Seoul, South Korea.

The flame will make a short stopover in Switzerland, including at the Olympic museum in Lausanne, before arriving in Brasilia on Tuesday. After the event, the flame will be taken to the Brazilian Embassy in Athens, where it will stay for the night.

A team of South Korean government and Olympic officials visited Rio de Janeiro earlier this month to inspect Olympic venues and local hospitals that could treat the infected.

Officials pledge that the stadiums will be ready to host the first Olympics to be held in South America.

Brazil's Olympic preparations have been set amid a backdrop of political and economic turbulence. "They will help our people to feel more confident". Apparel for the opening and closing ceremonies at the Rio Games will also be made in the U.S.

BRAZIL faces a nervous 100-day countdown to the start of the Games where it is counting on winning about 30 medals.

"There is not a second to lose", Nuzman said. Paes also said large trucks would be restricted from the city from July 18 through September 18.

Speaking to, the 62-year-old Scot - a victor of Olympic gold in the 200m breaststroke at Montreal in 1976 - said professional golf should not be in the Games, and called out Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus.

"These will be great games", he said. The impeachment process against President Dilma Rousseff, coupled with the country's worst recession in decades, have led to fears of apathy among Brazilians towards the Olympics. There will also be another entertainment area for fans in Madureira, in the city's poorer northern region.

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