Polls open in key runoff parliamentary election in Iran

Nationally, reformists won 95 seats and the conservatives 103 in February with nominally independent candidates and minorities sharing other victories, meaning no faction reached a majority.

The remaining seats are all in constituencies where candidates failed to get 25 percent of the votes cast in the first round at the end of February.

In February, a bloc of reformists and moderate allies of Rouhani won a majority.

Iran on Friday held runoff parliamentary election, where 139 candidates vied for 69 seats in the 290-strong parliament.

The turnout in the first round of election, held on February 26, stood at 62 percent.

Moderates, however, did less well in constituencies outside the capital, which is where Friday's voting is taking place. State television aired video of orderly lines of voters casting ballots in schools and mosques, including women wearing the traditional black chador.

The election will shape the power structure between a coalition of reformists and moderates versus principlists.

ANKARA - Iranians lined up outside polling stations on Friday to vote in a second round of parliamentary elections, state TV reported, with allies of President Hassan Rouhani seeking to wrest more seats from hardliners.

Iran does not allow global election observers to monitor its polls, which the Interior Ministry conducts.

The elections are the first since Iran clinched a landmark nuclear agreement which has generated both hopes and worries in the country. He offered no immediate turnout figures.

The semi-official ISNA news agency quoted Hossein Zolfaghari, Iran's deputy interior minister for security, as saying the shooting happened in the city of Mamasani in Fars province.

Tension over the vote's high stakes was dramatically underlined by a shooting involving supporters of rival candidates in a southern province.

He said: "Everything is calm in Mamasani now".

Reformists also made gains in elections for the Assembly of Experts, which appoints the country's most powerful official, the Supreme Leader.

In the time since, Khamenei has appeared in good health in weekly meetings and reportedly was seen hiking near the capital.

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