Apple Music surpasses 13 million subscribers

S A bird flies past an Apple iPhone SE advertisement billboard in Mumbai India

Apple announced the growth in Apple Music subscribers as part of its fiscal second quarter earnings release, during which it reported its first revenue declines since 2003.

Though it was definitely slow on the upkick, Apple Music continues to bring in more and more users.

Apple's music streaming service is growing at a similar rate to its main rival, Spotify, after it added two million users in two months. Among them was a steady increase in paying Apple Music subscribers. Even though Spotify's 30 million users will continue to grow alongside, we believe that Apple's extensive marketing strategy for Apple Music will work to narrow the gap in numbers between Apple Music and the industry leader.

The company's first attempt at a streaming service now has 13 million paid subscribers, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook during a Tuesday morning conference call. It is still a long way from achieving the 30 million subscribers on Spotify, one of their biggest rivals in the music streaming service. The artist had made his musical collection available exclusively on Tidal previous year, causing subscribers to the service to soar a few days ago as fans sought out his greatest hits.

The Apple Music subscriber news wasn't the only thing on Apple's agenda yesterday.

The iPhone maker generated US$50.6 billion in revenue, beating the company's own guidance. Apple did not reveal the sales quantum of Apple Watch, but the company said that it is pleased with its progress.

In terms of pricing, Apple Music costs $9.99 per month for individual users and $14.99 per month for a family plan that covers up to six users. Experts pointed out that a lot of of credit card information is already attached to an iTunes account, and this makes it easy for customers to subscribe to Apple services and purchase Apple's contents.

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