Cruz, Kasich form alliance to stop Trump

In its statement on Sunday, the Kasich campaign said it is placing its hopes on OR, which votes on May 17, and New Mexico, which votes on June 7.

Both the Cruz and Kasich campaigns said they will compete hard in every other remaining state. It has the potential to sway voters, but some won't have the option to change their minds.

Donald Trump has described called the Republican primary system as being "rigged".

But Lafayette voter Leo Plomin said the deal wouldn't change his ballot.

"It is big news today that John Kasich has chose to pull out of IN to give us a head to head contest with Donald Trump", Cruz told reporters as he campaigned IN IN on Monday.

"I'm going to be going on Thursday to Oregon".

That's OK with Kasich.

Under the arrangement outlined late Sunday, Kasich, the OH governor, will step back in the May 3 in contest to let Cruz bid for voters who don't like Trump. Pete Seat, an IN adviser to the campaign, said IN an email that Kasich "has held fundraisers IN multiple locations around the country where he is not actively campaigning".

"What's the big deal?" he quipped.

For Democratic leader Hillary Clinton, wins in most of Tuesday's contests would leave little doubt that she'll be her party's nominee.

With 12 other nominating contests outstanding, it remains unclear how the Cruz and Kasich campaigns will divvy up their resources in states beyond those three, but the pact represents a significant development in the monthslong effort to thwart Trump's nomination. "In the latest poll out of New Hampshire, he loses 50 to 31".

Kasich said his team-up with Cruz is necessary because it saves his campaign money. "If things are not shaken up, Trump's going to be the nominee".

Desperate! Sad! Weakness! Smug Trump is the Worst Trump.

Hiel was first in line to see Cruz at an ice cream parlor he visited in Columbus, Indiana, on Monday, and aggressively pressed the Texan as he stepped off his campaign bus on the convention's delegate-selection process. "Stand in front of the voters, do a town hall with real Hoosiers, answer their questions, let's have a debate". "I look forward to being with the great people of California and sharing my vision to make America great again".

Cruz is scheduled to hold his first rally since the announcement in Borden, Indiana, on Monday morning, and a second later in the day in Franklin. With 733 still outstanding, Trump needs to win 53 percent in the final 15 states.

Clinton is expected to visit Hammond and Mishawaka, Indiana on Tuesday.

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