George Clooney Says He's Raised "Obscene Amount of Money" for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate in Brooklyn. Image Pietro Piupparco Creative Commons some rights reserved

Ten times more dark money - campaign contributions that don't have to be disclosed - had been spent by late 2015 as was spent during the 2012 elections, according to U.S. Sen. So, I think we need a revolution in this country, certainly in campaign finance, that means overturning Citizens United. "They're absolutely right. It is an obscene amount of money", Clooney said in excerpts released on Saturday. A recent poll showed a still-tight race, with Clinton ahead by just six points in California.

George Clooney is being attacked for participating in Democratic Party fundraisers with Hillary Clinton, but Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has raised no money to help Democrats retake the House and Senate in 2016.

Still, we bet he wouldn't say no to that Clooney money if he does win the nomination.

"They're right to protest, they're absolutely right", Clooney said in a preview clip of the interview.

The events - one in San Francisco, the other in Hollywood - have stirred up some criticism for their high-dollar ticket prices, which ranged from $33,400 each to $353,400 per couple.

Protesters outside the venue threw money at Clinton's motorcade as she arrived.

In Los Angeles, Clinton challenged Sanders on gun control, an issue that is a key part of her argument against him in the NY primary and is likely to play a role in the California primary on June 7. "I agree, completely." Interesting.

Mr. Sanders - who stresses that he is a huge fan of Mr. Clooney - used Friday night's fundraiser to again draw clear distinctions between himself and Mrs. Clinton.

"This is the issue of American politics today". Do we have a government that represents all of us or represents the 1%?'

"It supports the notion that only millionaires, billionaires and corporations have an impact on the government", said Inglesby, who wore white gauges emblazoned with Sanders' logo in both of her ears. A major fundraiser for the former Secret of State, the DreamWorks Animation boss invited along George Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson, Avatar director James Cameron - another big Clinton donor - as well as L.A. olympics bid chief Casey Wasserman, an insider tells Deadline.

Sanders was asked about Clooney's "Meet The Press" comments on Sunday's "State of the Union".

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