Priebus: Nominee must earn delegate majority

For some, that conclusion comes with a tinge of resignation. We need to stop Hillary Clinton. There also is the potential for protests of Trump in Cleveland.

But Trump still has work ahead.

The Republican National Committee could be in trouble, at least with voters.

"The sooner Republicans unite, the sooner we will show America we are the only Party ready to lead the course correction America is waiting for", he said.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Bethpage, N.Y. Since his landslide victory in NY, the GOP front-runner has gone from spurring outrage at his party's crooked Establishment to assuring that same Establishment he can play by its rules.

A major point of contention is how the Colorado GOP decides who gets to be a delegate; an important role as these national delegates, from Colorado and the rest of the country, vote on who will be the party's presidential nominee. "If we don't abide by the majority, we don't honor one of the bedrock values of American government".

"We've talked about that [with Trump] on a number of occasions", Carson told reporters before the reception.

"He's trying to moderate. It doesn't happen overnight". Trump senior adviser Paul Manafort said Trump and Priebus were "communicating frequently" and communicating better these days.

"It's a rigged, crooked system that's designed so that the bosses can pick whoever they want and that people like me can't run and can't defend you against foreign nonsense", Trump charged at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. That's not to say I can't change my mind, but I think I'm typical. "It reinstilled in me that any of them can win in November". Marco Rubio of Florida, who has since dropped out, making allusions to the size of Trump's penis, has been hard for many Republicans. "I believe this two-thirds deal is better". Simpson says voice voting will probably be done away with because several of them in 2012 appeared to be tied.

Other RNC members are less hesitant about backing Trump in November.

The party usually has a presumptive nominee by now.

Kaufman acknowledges that the highly watched debates haven't always helped the party's image. "We expect our candidates to support our party and our eventual nominee".

DAVID BROOKS: Well, first, the RNC gathering, from what one can tell, it's like the gathering of the Russian royal family in 1916. But he acknowledges that "you get into a slippery slope when you try to do anything on the content".

David Brooks criticizes RNC chair Reince Priebus, talks about the Trump vs. Cruz race, and praises RCP's Sean Trende's election prognostications on Friday's edition of PBS NewsHour. "It was bridge-building, taking care of some frayed nerves and a few egos that had gotten bruised", he says. However, he added, "Trump is becoming more disciplined, and that's heartening". "But we all need to get behind the nominee", Priebus told a sea of GOP officers assembled in a beach resort ballroom. And the party continues to seem equally afraid of both sides.

Of the GOP's existing 42 rules, the most discussed is 40(b).

"As our nomination process goes on, we are preparing for all possible scenarios", Priebus said. No other state will send that large a slate of first-ballot free agents.

And what about after that?

"I voted against it", she said of a bill to protect gun-makers from legal liability. "And that's up to him".

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