Zoo could have shot tiger as it killed keeper, didn't

Stacey Konwiser 38 who was attacked and killed by a 13-year-old male tiger earlier this month was not supposed to be in the animals enclosure at the time Palm Beach Zoo officials said

- An upcoming 5K run at the Palm Beach Zoo will serve as a tribute to the lead keeper killed by a tiger, Stacey Konwiser.

Friday night's statement by Andrew Aiken, the zoo's president and chief executive, is his first since Stacey Konwiser, 37, was killed by one of the four Malayan tigers on display at the zoo in West Palm Beach.

A statement released by the Palm Beach Zoo expressed, that the tiger was never in danger of being harmed.

The tiger was tranquilized and remains at the zoo.

Damon Higgins/AP Nina Blakeman (right) of the Palm Beach Zoo receives a hug inside the zoo office after zookeeper Stacey Konwiser was killed.

Then, because the tiger had been tranquilized instead of shot, paramedics weren't immediately able to enter the enclosure to treat Konwiser, the Sentinel reports.

"The neck injury was the cause of death", medical examiner Michael Bell told The Post. An autopsy report hasn't been made public.

In addition to the 5k renaming, the zoo is working with Konwiser's family to start memorial fund to provide zookeeper scholarships to worthy students, Carter said.

"Hati was a typical, dominant male tiger, a very risky animal", Magill said.

There are fewer than 250 left in the world, Carter said.

Via Facebook/Palm Beach Zoo Stacey Konwiser with her husband Jeremy in 2014. The Zoo has never had any other animal-related human deaths in its 60-year history'.

Zoo officials have declined to provide information on the tiger, including its name.

Hati, a 12-year-old Malayan tiger, was born at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas.

Malayan tigers - a smaller species of tiger once known as the Indochinese tiger - are endangered.

Magill said Hati was a typical male tiger and that Zoo Miami never had any issues with him.

Konwiser's husband Jeremy (right) is also a trainer at the zoo and her family has been notified.Stacey graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and received her Masters degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Queensland in Australia, according to the Palm Beach Zoo's official Facebook page.

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