US buys Iranian heavy water

The Obama administration insists it has met its obligations under the nuclear deal but acknowledges that some sanctions relief has been slow to come for Tehran because banks and businesses have been overly cautious about running afoul of remaining USA sanctions.

Iran has complained that it hasn't yet realized the full benefits of the deal signed last summer by the United States, Iran and five other countries. Zarif said he hoped that Kerry's comments would begin to open a different path.

US Secretary of State John Kerry was to meet his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif in NY later Friday to discuss ways to move forward.

According to the State Department, Washington is set to pay $8.6 million (7.66 million euros) for 32 tons of heavy water, which contains elevated levels of a special hydrogen isotope.

The department said the heavy water will be stored at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and then resold on the commercial market for research purposes.

The deal instructs Iran to keep its heavy water inventory below 130-metric tons. Members of Congress on Friday criticized the deal as another example of the Obama administration giving Iran more that it is entitled to.

The Energy Department said the heavy water purchase does not go beyond the scope of the nuclear agreement, and stressed that future purchases were not automatic.

The resistance of the European insurance companies in cooperation with Iran is "beyond the expectations", Kamijani said.

That did not sway congressional Republicans.

The White House has said it will not give Iran access to the US financial system or direct access to USA currency. The State Department's third-ranking diplomat, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon, will lead the USA delegation to the meeting, which will also be attended by officials from the other parties to the accord: Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia, the European Union and Iran. "The Obama administration is no longer just carrying water for Iran's nuclear program, it's now paying for it. And worse, these USA subsidies will simply help Tehran ideal its heavy water production capabilities so it will be fully prepared to develop its plutonium bomb-making capabilities when restricts on the program sunset over next 10-15 years".

"Potentially providing Iran with money to support terrorism or its ballistic missile program is irresponsible", House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said in a statement.

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