Jimmy Fallon dons a Donald Trump wig, phones Ted Cruz

John Kasich speaks at the New York State GOP dinner Thursday night

Ted Cruz is quietly wooing delegates to his side in the event of a brokered convention. It also highlighted the billionaire's difficulty playing the inside game needed to win the 1237 delegates that would clinch the GOP presidential nomination.

Trump so far has won 758 pledged delegates, compared to Cruz's 538 and Ohio Governor John Kasich's 145, according to a CNN tally, but his pathway to outright victory is narrowing.

Trump had the most committed support, with 70 percent of his supporters saying they will not waver in their commitment to him.

Officials with the Republican National Committee (RNC) plan to consider a proposal for a new rule book to select the party's nominee during the organization's annual spring meeting in Hollywood Beach, Florida.

His current grousing was prompted by the state GOP convention in Colorado where Sen. And the Wall Street Journal reported that the delegates that had been bound to Rubio were expected to ultimately back Cruz.

The rules for delegates varies from state to state. He called and emailed the other delegates - all 600 of them - and asked for their vote.

"A Trump administration is going to be a pro-jobs, pro-economy and pro-entrepreneur administration", he said.

It's one reason the Cruz campaign has aggressively courted delegates who could be free to choose a candidate on the first or subsequent ballots.

"I don't see, Cruz obviously can't get it and I'd bet a lot of money that Trump will not be able to get that, so it's an open convention", said Spindell.

Frustration over how Colorado conducted its GOP delegate selection process reached a boil Friday, with hundreds of Donald Trump supporters rallying at the State Capitol.

The remaining districts are unpredictable wild cards - deep-blue bastions in New York City where there are barely enough Republicans to field a softball team.Cruz, who stopped by the late-night talk show Thursday, said regardless of what happens in the Empire State's high stakes primary election, the party is likely heading for a contested convention in Cleveland this summer - a scenario which favors his presidential campaign. His supporters say that alone should make him the de facto choice to win the nomination.

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