Trump, Clinton look for wins on home turf in New York

Trump v Clinton

He'll be back there to celebrate an expected NY victory Tuesday night.

King is the former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. Ted Cruz, of Texas.

Cruz's campaign did not immediately respond to a comment request.

Cruz, who is widely disliked in NY, limited himself to only private meetings and television appearances in NY on Monday.

John Kasich: Kasich is benefitting from Rep. King's hatred of Cruz. "It is a movement like they've never seen in this country", Trump told supporters at a recent rally in Syracuse.

As the two Democrats seek their party's presidential nomination, Sanders' appeal is greatest to the young, particularly young men. The aircraft in violation is not Trump's Boeing 757, the renovated commercial jet that the billionaire sometimes uses as a backdrop for his rallies. Here's who's on Tuesday's NY primary ballot and what each candidate needs to do to consider themselves victorious in NY.

If Trump gets more than 50 percent in a NY congressional district, he would win all three of the district's delegates. Not only do they have to stick with the party on their registration, they had to register in October. Sanders needs to win 68 percent of the remaining delegates if he hopes to clinch the Democratic nomination.

NY only allows registered Democrats to vote in its primary. "She's not being selfish", said Cheryl Emanuel, a Bronx hospital worker.

That showed as Clinton campaigned throughout the state for the last two weeks. Ted Cruz decided not to seek a recount of the March 15 primary. "If Kasich were to pick up some delegates, it might be in the suburbs around Albany and Buffalo, but Trump is also very strong there".

Needed to win: 1,237. Of that total, Trump will receive 12 delegates for getting the most votes statewide.

"I want somebody who can win in November, and the whole process is about trying to beat Hillary Clinton in November", he said. "Whether you're a NY woman or an OH woman, it makes all these little talking points irrelevant", Carney said.

Trump's national field director, Stuart Jolly, resigned on Monday after the reorganization. The one who clinches 2,383 delegates in all wins the party's nomination.

Forty-five percent (45%) of voters in her own party even think it's likely that some of the actions Hillary Clinton took as secretary of State were influenced by donations made to her family's Clinton Foundation.

In the Democratic race in New York, Clinton also is looking for a clear victory over persistent challenger Bernie Sanders.

"I like Bernie Sanders, I love his energy and his passion", said Carlos Rios, a human resources manager in Chelsea.

Bartnik, 21, would have liked to vote for Sanders but didn't change her registration from Republican to Democratic in time to do so.

From data gathered in the past 24 hours, Sanders is beating Clinton 62% to 38% in NY search interest for Democratic candidates.

"On Tuesday, you have go out and you have to vote".

The politician-spouses are shaking hands, snapping selfies and greeting well-wishers waiting outside. It has been true through the primary states so far, it's true in polls leading up to Tuesday's contest in NY, and it's true in polls of California, where the 2016 primary season will reach its climactic conclusion on June 7.

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton today looked set for solidifying their presidential front-runner status after suffering a series of losses recently as polling began in the potentially game-changing NY state primary.

Although Clinton continues to have a sizable lead in delegates, the NY race comes after Sanders has won eight of the last nine Democratic contests - a reality that the Vermont senator has repeatedly touted on the campaign trail.

The lead-up to Tuesday's voting created surreal scenes in NY, a state that hasn't seen competitive primaries in decades.

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