Reporter helps save driver from flood in live TV rescue

Texas floods: Reporter jumps in water to help man submerged in his car

Large parts of Texas were under a flash flood warning on Monday after a storm system dumped as much as 24 inches of rain in areas near Houston. The capital city of Houston is among the badly affected areas, its residents having been instructed to remain indoors and avoid road travel whenever possible.

As Steve got ready for his intervention, his camera man was focusing on a vehicle on the far side of the underpass that was nearly completely sunk under water. Numerous city's interstates and freeways are shut down as rainfall is causing rivers and bayous to flood. (Man) What should I do?

Campion responded by going waist-deep in the water to meet him, microphone in hand. Campion asked him, "Sir are you OK?" (Man) Yeah, I'm okay. You've got to get out!' as the vehicle moves into deeper water.

In one video clip, Campion can be heard talking to his colleagues in the studio about the incident as a fellow reporter asked, "You didn't think twice did you?" and Campion replied, "It's nearly surreal actually standing here and thinking about what happened right now". My auto is under.

The motorist told Campion that he had thought the water was only a puddle when he drove in.

Audio clip: Listen to audio clip.

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