Quiz: How Well Do You Know Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant during the last game of his career.		Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

According to The Daily Mail, Bryant and West shook hands as the rapper excitedly spoke with the athlete.

It was the game for Kobe Bryant fans as this was his final game after a 20-year stellar career.

The sold out Staples Center got a show as Bryant scored a season-high of 60 points, which catapulted the struggling team to a win over the Utah Jazz.

"I feel like that it is cool because Kobe Bryant endorses Nike a lot and in honor of him they should do that", Pasos said.

Bryant, who had 23 points in the final period, finished shooting 22 of 50 from the floor - an National Basketball Association record for field-goal attempts - and 6 of 21 from 3-point range.

Kobe Bryant is surrounded by cameramen after the game. This just didn't happen as often as some would like.

"What cracked me up during the game, was for 20 years everybody screamed at me to pass the ball, tonight they're saying don't pass", exclaimed a beaming Bryant. Along with a trail of achievements, Kobe now also holds the record of scoring the highest points in his last game. At the time, it seemed unlikely that Bryant could do it. But of course, he never backed down from a challenge.

The game proved to be worthy of Bryant's last name, with the Lakers coming from behind to beat the Jazz 101-96 - in no small part due to the 60 points Bryant put on the board.

Nicholson, 78, was among those who appeared on a tribute video which was played to the crowd at the Staples Center. Kanye even wore a shirt that said "I FEEL LIKE KOBE". "To be drafted and traded to this organization, and to spend 20 years here... you can't write something better than this". "I was just like 'I've gotta continue to push it because the fan support was tremendous".

Golden State rocked the National Basketball Association last night picking up their 73rd win of the season to perhaps become the greatest team in National Basketball Association history.

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