British Lottery Winners Are on a Winning Streak

British Lottery Winners Are on a Winning Streak

On Tuesday 12 April, a player in the UK matched the EuroMillions draw numbers and won an astounding £51.8 million jackpot. This is the third EuroMillions jackpot won by UK player since the start of 2016. British lottery winners have also been busy making UK Lotto history the past few months. Will the winning streak continue?

The ticket holder who matched the winning numbers for the EuroMillions draw on 12 April has not come forward yet. If you bought a EuroMillions ticket, check to see if your numbers are 9, 1, 5, 22, 38 and Lucky Stars 10 and 2. The £51.8 million jackpot is the biggest prize won by a UK player so far this year. The mind-blowing payday will make the lottery winner's net worth on par with Adele.

Two additional British players won EuroMillions jackpots earlier this year. On both 23 February and 12 February, a British player won prizes just shy of £25 million. The largest EuroMillions jackpot so far this year was £100 million (€132 million), split by two winners in France and Ireland.

UK Lotto, one of the country's most popular games, has set two records in 2016. A player, who wishes to remain anonymous, became the largest solo winner in the lotto game's history when they won £35.1 million on 6 April.

After rolling over 15 times, the UK Lotto jackpot reached its largest sum ever on 9 January – a staggering £66 million prize! After the draw, it was announced that the jackpot would be split between two winning tickets. First to come forward for their £33 million prize was David and Carol Martin, a married couple in their 50s from the Scottish Borders.

Camelot, the UK lottery operator, was inundated with false claims during their search for the second winner – including one from a grandmother who said she had accidentally washed the winning ticket in the laundry. The false claims were soon put to rest when a valid claimant in Worcester came forward for their £33 million payout. No other identifying information has been given out per the winner's request.


British lottery winners and lotto games are definitely on a roll in 2016. What if you don't reside in the UK but wish to have some of their lottery luck? Non-UK residents can now purchase EuroMillions UK, UK Lotto, and many other international lottery tickets online through ticket purchasing services like theLotter. With services like these and players around the world captivated by UK lotteries, the sun never sets on the British lottery empire!

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