Ted Cruz adds 21 delegates with Colorado sweep

But Trump has performed well in other Northeastern states, and delegate rules favor the leader: CT has a 50 percent winner-take-all rule for statewide delegates, and DE has a winner-take-all rule for all of its delegates.

"Don't be fooled. Ted Cruz can't win the nomination outright", says the TV ad slated to start playing Friday in New York City and Long Island, as well as upstate New York.

He said they finished their slate of Trump and Kasich candidates about 10 minutes before walking into the delegation meeting. "They're not voting Trump", he said. There's been all these reports about how they're out-organizing everybody.

Thirty-one states and territories require Republican delegates to support the victor of a given primary or caucus only for the first ballot, according to the Republican National Committee.

The fight got more heated as the week went on, with former President Bill Clinton saying he thought there was a "subconscious" gender bias behind Sanders' comments - a charge Sanders denied.

"I remain committed to voters of Michigan", McDaniel said.

Because there are more than 600 candidates running for the 13 delegate slots up for grabs today in Colorado, presidential campaigns are passing around lists of genuine supporters in order to consolidate votes around their preferred delegates.

Keeping up his tussle with Trump over values, Cruz told the Colorado crowd it's easy to talk about making America great again - "you can even print that on a baseball cap" - but that the more important question is which candidate understands "the principles and values that made America great in the first place".

After this weekend, Colorado will have chosen 37 delegates to attend the GOP Convention in Cleveland in July.

"This is an example of Donald Trump managing, and the type of leadership he will bring to the presidency in November", Manafort said in an exclusive interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo.

"By the time we get to California the momentum will be very clear".

But as the votes were taken behind closed doors, they appeared to break mostly along campaign-allegiance lines.

With Trump holding a big lead in his home state, expect more discussion of "New York values" in the days leading up to the April 19 primary. John Kasich, governor of neighboring OH, could be a wild card here. That would put him on a path to reach only 1,175 delegates ― 62 shy of a majority for the nomination.

A few hundred Republicans are set to gather in Wytheville, a town of 8,000 in the state's southwest corner, to elect three delegates to the Republican National Convention.

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