Adviser predicts Trump to win nomination

Cruz won nine delegates on Friday with in congressional district assemblies in Colorado Springs with three more to be elected later in the day.

It was yet another example of the Trump campaign, which hired its current state director on Tuesday, struggling to organize in Colorado.

After balloting Friday, Cruz had the backing of 21 of the state's 37 national convention delegates.

The move follows Mr Trump's loss this week in Wisconsin to rival Ted Cruz, which makes it increasingly unlikely that Mr Trump will be unable to collect the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination before the national Republican convention.

The Trump camp struggled to gain a footing at the congressional conventions earlier in the week from a series of reported missteps, but Trump supporters blame what they believe to be a delegate process that was unfair to the NY businessman. That's possible if the party chooses to close ranks around him ― especially if the party can push either Marco Rubio or John Kasich to urge their delegates to switch to Trump. Trump has warned of riots if he loses the nomination despite being the top delegate-winner (note to The Donald: If you don't have 50%-plus one of the delegates, you haven't won).

Ted Cruz will enter Saturday's state convention with a total of 17 Colorado delegates.

Cruz is scheduled to speak at the state convention on Saturday before continuing on to Las Vegas for an appearance before the Republican Jewish Coalition. Suddenly the delegates have all the power and the candidates have to woo them for their support.

Washington's Republican delegates elected to the National Convention will be bound 100% by the vote on the first ballot, but are free to vote however they'd like on subsequent ballots. Tarver said he doesn't think Trump is racist.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, far behind Trump and Cruz in the delegate race, also was campaigning in NY.

Party activists decided last fall to award delegates to candidates on a proportional basis, based on what percentage of the statewide vote they received, rather than giving all 72 to the victor.

Ronna Romney-McDaniel is the state Republican Party chairwoman. The campaign first put out a sample ballot with wrong numbers for seven delegates.

"Now that we are in the second half of this campaign, we are going to state after state which I think have a more progressive outlook", Sanders said. That months-long process will wrap up on Saturday. Others have already declared their loyalties, which binds them by Republican National Committee rules. The party frontrunner announced yesterday that he was putting Manafort in charge of managing the delegate count and the Cleveland Convention.

MA has been allotted 42 convention delegates.

NBC reported that two of the Trump campaign's preferred delegates were left off the ballot during Thursday's Seventh Congressional District Convention, at least one because the delegate had not paid the correct fees.

Initially, the state's conservative party was criticized for not holding a presidential preference poll during the March caucus.

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