Trump adviser says Republicans won't have contested convention

Trump adviser says Republicans won't have contested convention

Trump has 746 delegates of the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination outright. And maybe - just maybe - billionaire businessman Donald Trump will take you for a spin on Trump Force One.

The Trump campaign said it wasn't anxious and had always expected to fare poorly in Colorado because its assembly process is dominated by party insiders. And the campaign said it expects to announce "several new positions and hires" in the next few weeks.

"If the Never Trump movement is serious about its mission to stop Donald Trump, then it will go all out to keep him under 50 percent statewide and in congressional districts and make the same effort for John Kasich in NY as it did for Ted Cruz in Wisconsin", campaign spokesperson Mike Schrimpf told CNN in a statement. The state didn't hold a primary this year. While a change in tone may be too late, it's essential to winning over Republican delegates who want to pick someone who can win in the fall.

Republicans have not had a brokered convention since 1976, when neither incumbent President Gerald Ford nor his main challenger, Ronald Reagan, had enough delegates to win the nomination on the first round of voting. The GOP calls them "unbound".

"You've got to understand what the game is". And after a first ballot, most delegates can switch allegiances. Still, the OH governor is refusing to drop out, and Thursday released an ad targeting Senator Ted Cruz's now infamous "New York values" comment. None of them has publicly endorsed Trump.

"This results in a big gulf between how the Democratic candidates and the Republican candidates are seen by their party faithful", according to the Gallup analysis. Among them is California, which has 172 delegates, plus alternates.

With a recent loss in Wisconsin, Trump's chances of locking up a majority of delegates before the convention appear to be fading, making the delegate selection process all the more important. "As part of the campaign team, my job is to secure and protect Mr. Trump's nomination and that is what we will do".

Cruz continued his run on Friday, picking up 12 delegates to add to the nine he had already won in Colorado. It continues each weekend during legislative district and county conventions happening across the state.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaks in Green Bay.

Voters won't get that kind of help in Pennsylvania's primary April 26.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen.

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