Pope to Visit Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan on 2 Trips

"Where is the Pope Francis who embraced his gay former student and husband during his US visit?"

Archbishop Bernard Hebda of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis said in a prepared statement that the pope's message "reflects both the complexities of the pastoral situations we encounter in our society and the beauty and relevance of the church's tradition and teaching".

Conley said he's grateful Pope Francis is working to support and promote family life. The edict also includes a call for more responsible sex education for the world's youth (a pretty revolutionary and progressive sentiment to come from the Vatican) and a more tolerant approach to divorced and remarried Catholics. He continues, "The document isn't primarily about divorce, the document is primarily about marriage, and saving marriage". The document called on governments to "help facilitate the adoption process, above all in the case of unwanted children, in order to prevent their abortion or abandonment". Francis' exhortation says that "every person regardless of sexual orientation" should be treated with respect and consideration, while "every sign of unjust discrimination is to be carefully avoided, particularly any form of aggression and violence".

"People are not staying together like they used to", the 45-year-old from Braintree said.

Back home in Glasgow, Scotland, as a single mother in the late 1960s, she had difficulty supporting herself, getting a mortgage - and going to church.

Francis, however, has already moved to make it easier to get an annulment.

Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, the archbishop of Vienna, told a Vatican press conference on Friday that while there was no explicit change in church doctrine about the family, the document contained an "organic development" in church teaching.

The pope did not issue a new law or regulation guiding Catholic marriage. "This would bespeak the closed heart of one used to hiding behind the Church's teachings".

He added that there are only some disciplinary norms on Sacraments that the Church can change, such as "the fact that someone divorced and remarried in a new civil union can serve as a Godfather". Even more disturbing, in some interpretations, is the Pope's admonition that by seeing things narrowly, the church "close(s) off the way of grace and growth" to those like gays and the divorced who, unwelcomed, might otherwise fall away. "I think the document is full of what we believe, what we teach, what we profess, and how do we accompany the people", Florian said.

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