Cruz win in Wisconsin leaves Trump a damaged front-runner

Ted Cruz after his big win in Wisconsin.

Roe quickly added that he doesn't expect Trump to follow his advice. Cruz will have enough support to be the nominee.

But even then, more voters view former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the candidate most likely to beat Trump, who has been the Republican front-runner throughout the primaries.

The Trump campaign, meanwhile, described Cruz as nothing more than a tool of anti-Trump organizations.

While protesting attacks from Cruz, radio talk show hosts in Wisconsin, anti-Trump political action committees, and members of the Republican establishment, the Trump campaign predicted wins in NY and beyond. The Field Poll shows Trump trailing in Los Angeles County and the Central Valley/Sierra region, up big in Southern California excluding Los Angeles, and - believe it or not - leading in the liberal Bay Area.

Sanders has now won six of the last seven Democratic nominating contests against Clinton.

"We're now getting to the place where we feel we have the best chance of being able to accumulate delegates", Kasich said, looking ahead to New York's election as well as elections in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

His campaign manager argued that Trump should drop out of the race if he doesn't win a majority in NY.

"New Yorkers aren't stupid and they certainly won't fall for Ted Cruz's lame soliloquies and flattery after he slammed their values", said Kasich spokeswoman Connie Wehrkamp.

Citing success at a recent meeting in North Dakota, the Cruz campaign plans more lobbying this weekend at a Republican convention in Colorado. The genuine Trump supporters would no doubt go ballistic-and that could make the convention floor itself a battle zone-but it is a plausible scenario. Trump would need to win about 55 percent of the remaining delegates to reach the 1,237 threshold. With Cruz rising in national polls, anti-Trump conservatives are hopeful that Trump's collection of delegates will slow, making a contested convention in July likelier. "He's proving himself as the one who can do that", Moody said.

"I tell you, I don't know - I'll get some cyanide", King said. "Ted Cruz - anyone in NY who even thinks of voting for Ted Cruz is a nut!"

On the GOP side, Cruz won a majority of self-described Republicans, while independents were about evenly split between Trump and Cruz. You had two 110-story buildings come crashing down, I saw them come down, thousands of people killed, and the cleanup started the next day, and it was the most horrific cleanup, probably in the history of doing this, and in construction, I was down there.

"I'm coming around to more like, 'It looks like it will be a very interesting convention, ' " said Ayotte, who's facing a tough re-election fight. She criticised him for an interview to New York's Daily News in which he failed to offer specifics on how he would break up large banks - a key part of his campaign message - when he was asked how he would put to use the existing financial regulation Dodd-Frank law.

The Associated Press now gives Trump 743 delegates to Cruz's 517.

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