American Idol Top 4 | Dalton Rapattoni Talks Finale Prep and That Hair

"Even to this day, when Carrie Underwood accepts her Grammys and other awards, she says, 'Thank you, 'American Idol, ' this wouldn't be possible,"' Hernandez said. Seacrest (is nearly totally) out.

"American Idol" has fallen so far that its former star doesn't even watch it anymore.

Trent Harmon, also from MS, co-tied for first place with Renae in the final round, topped the second round, and placed second on the Hometown Round. If history is any indication, there's some real emotion to come...unless this year's pick takes after Taylor Hicks, who delivered a single "woo!" upon his crowning in 2006. We didn't witness her win - the first season of Idol wasn't aired in Malaysia - but ever since then, everytime she returned to the show to mentor or perform, Clarkson has been an absolute pro.

Season six victor Sparks calls the show worthy of a grand send-off.

Carrie Underwood, arguably the program's most successful victor, surely had no idea what was in store for her in the summer of 2004, when she was a nervous farm girl from rural Oklahoma just waiting for her big chance.

Beyond the ratings, though, "American Idol" became a cultural phenomenon. "I got more comfortable every year".

"People always ask me, 'What were you thinking when you won?'" she said.

I won't miss "American Idol" much.

During Season 6, Idol hopeful Jared Cotter sang Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On" and Paula couldn't help but crack up making a sexual pun that no one else really understood. But don't be too upset over the impending end of your favorite show: the guy who invented it swears it's coming back.

As for his American TV hiatus, after the US version of "The X-Factor" was cancelled in 2013, Cowell says he's turned down many offers in recent years.

Each of the remaining contestants sang three songs composed of their choice for the first round, a pick from mentor Scott Borchetta for round two and a selection from judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, the final round. It fell to fellow judges Randy Jackson and Paul Abdul to soften the blow. With the show working with the contestants to come up with an album together, the individual artists do not have time to focus on their own albums or career.

Lythgoe said he was confident that British mega-producer Simon Fuller's "Pop Idol" format, with its unusual behind-the-scenes view of contestant auditions, would export well.

"Paula was the right leg and I was the left leg. And with both legs gone, it wasn't the same show", Cowell told the Daily News. The show revisited her moving performance of "Piece By Piece".

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