For virtual reality creators, motion sickness a real issue

The games console and technology giant first unveiled its VR system in 2014 under the name Project Morpheus, and it is powered by connecting to the PlayStation 4 console. Given that competing VR headsets like the Oculus are at least $200 more expensive, people were pretty excited about it. In fact, purchases of the Playstation camera went up 3000 percent on Amazon (Move controllers went up 1000 percent), according to Ars Technica. The headset will be priced at $400, a good 0 cheaper than the Oculus Rift, and half the price of the HTC Vive.

Sony's much-anticipated virtual-reality headset now has a launch date and a price tag, along with many other details revealed by Sony at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Announced today on the PlayStation Blog, the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle will include items like the PlayStation Camera and a couple of Move controllers, as well as a game, for $499.99.

Since we’re guessing the game itself will cost about $60, that means you’re basically getting the two controllers and a PlayStation Camera for an additional $40 through this launch bundle.

As you've likely heard by now, PSVR requires the PlayStation Camera for head tracking.

Sony's PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset costs $500, and pre-orders begin on March 22.

As well as providing devs with the ability to create a wider variety of virtual reality experiences, the news also opens the door for ports of Vive games that rely on room-scale VR. Also, oddly enough, it added that there will not be any pre-orders for the standard $399 PS VR package. However, there will be another pre-order period in the summer.

Due to limited stock we are only able to offer one unit per customer per address.

Will you pre-ordering the Launch Bundle next week?

PlayStation VR will make its worldwide debut in October.

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