Trump rivals call for release of NY Times editorial board tape

Trump rivals call for release of NY Times editorial board tape

It reflects, instead, something Trump said about the flexibility of his hardline anti-immigration stance.

"So you obviously can't explain how you're going to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants, because it's going to be the first bid in some future monster negotiation session".

On top of that, the New York Times has a good explanation for not releasing the full audio of its recent interview with Trump - because some of it was conducted under the label of off-the-record.

BuzzFeed News has contacted the Trump campaign for comment.

Fox host Sean Hannity pressed Trump on whether his proposals were merely negotiating positions. "I mean everything is negotiable", Trump said of building the wall on the USA border with Mexico, a key plank of his campaign.

"If [Trump] wants to call up and ask us to release this transcript, he's free to do that and then we can decide what we would do", Rosenthal said.

Ted Cruz is pressing for the release of a tape that reportedly captures Donald Trump saying he is not as opposed to illegal immigration as he claims to be. I call it the failing New York Times. We don't really know for sure that they have a recording.

Their comments came after BuzzFeed News revealed The Times is sitting on tape of Trump that some staffers believe could deal a massive blow to the candidate's campaign for president.

Cruz, speaking to reporters in San Antonio the day before Super Tuesday, repeatedly attacked Trump's record on immigration. "The alternative is that it is true".

I wasn't able to obtain the recording, or the transcript, and don't know exactly what Trump said.

Unless the news is that Trump, like other politicians, occasionally says one thing and does another in the name of being elected, there is no news here.

Lou Dobbs already is suggesting that The Times violated its ethics, presumably by leaking the existence of the recording.

BONUS QUESTION: If Trump turned out to be a lot softer on immigration than he has portrayed, would his supporters care?

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