Obamas dances with 106-Year-Old

Obamas dances with 106-Year-Old

Video of the centenarian shaking her groove with excitement quickly went viral on the Internet after last week's Black History Month reception at the White House. After an online campaign, McLaurin was able to fulfill her dream, and even dance with the president and first lady.

"Oh my goodness, I want to be like you when I grow up", Michelle Obama told McLaurin as they met. Ms McLaurin, an African-American woman had waited all her life to see an African-American as President.

Virginia McLaurin wanted, more than anything, to meet the president. McLaurin told the Obamas she had been unsure if she would live long enough to go inside the White House.

That Black wife line tickled me to my core. I salute great Black men and women past and present and future who have from all works of life made history in various ways and many will continue to do so. The video was shared almost 500,000 times on Facebook.

McLaurin will celebrate her 107th birthday on March 12th.

"I would love to meet the president..."

President Obama stated, "In eighty-five percent of rural counties in America, there is insufficient or no drug treatment or mental health treatment available".

McLaurin was born in 1909 in SC and moved to Washington, D.C.in 1941, according to a Facebook page dedicated to her. She lived through Jim Crow laws in the southern states and the Civil Rights era.

What is the secret to dancing at 106?

She told WJLA that she didn't have anything new to wear to meet the president, so she made a decision to sport a suit she wore on her birthday. After her super-senior shuffle, McLaurin suddenly got serious. Obama is thankful, of course, and McLaurin proceeds to dance for joy, her unbridled happiness at meeting him just barely contained.

But Obama was cool to the idea at a meeting with the governors he hosted at the White House on Monday, noting that painkillers are sometimes the only realistic treatment option for people in rural communities. I was so happy to shake his hand and his wife was so nice.

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