Winter has arrived, and so has the clean-up

CBS6 News showed the tow plow to drivers today.

"In a traditional wing plow, you have two people, a driver and an operator, and then the person who operates the wing plow up and down", he explained.

They're called tow plows. During a torrential downpour, the plows - which are twice as long as the ones motorists are used to seeing - ended up pushing puddles instead of snow. "It's about getting the roads cleared, salted and treated quicker".

But when a storm like Monday's does hit again, a new tool from the Iowa Department of Transportation allows users to track snow plows anywhere in the state in real-time. It's fully cameraed; it's very safe. It's a plow, pulling a trailer with another plow on it, one that can swing out into another lane. "So in this case we can do 24 feet as opposed to 12".

Drivers will be seeing a new kind of snow plow on roads across NY state this winter.

"Our early indications are the public's come back with some pretty positive comments of being able to see the blue lights being able to distinguish our trucks better", said Craig Bargfrede of Iowa DOT's winter operations.

Driscoll says the 62 plows, which cost about $100,000 a piece, are stationed across the state, and can be sent to areas that need it, as part of a statewide preparedness plan.

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