Turkish President Erdogan talks man out of jumping off bridge

Turkish President Erdogan talks man out of jumping off bridge

Extraordinary television footage obtained Anadolu Agency shows Mr Erdogan's motorcade stopping on Istanbul's Bosporus Bridge after spotting a man standing over the side of the railing. It took nearly two hours for them to talk the man out of committing suicide.

Erdogan's bodyguards then approached the man, who was seen on camera sobbing.

The man, identified as Vezir C, asked police to see the president after being told he had stopped to help. Russia, which imposed economic sanctions on Turkey after the November 24 incident, has sharply criticised President Tayyip Erdogan. The man, who at first appeared dazed and confused, cooperated after he got a glimpse of the president through the window of his armored limousine.

Footage shows officials persuading him to go and talk to the president in his auto.

Catras soon climbed back over the railing and spoke to Erdogan in his vehicle, at one point kissing him on his hand.

Erdogan, who does not leave his auto, then speaks to the man with his mobile phone pressed to his ear.

The man has been depressed because of family issues, an official from Erdogan's office speaking on condition of anonymity told AP, adding that the president promised to help his troubled citizen.

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