Space X rocket lands back on Earth upright after successful space mission

Falcon 9

With the successful landing, SpaceX is closer to making space travel cheaper since the first stage of the rocket can now be refitted and reused for a future mission. And, 10 minutes after its latest launch, SpaceX made history as the rocket made a ideal landing back on Earth. Last night, for the first time, a rocket delivered its payload to orbit and then made a landing back where it came from without falling into the ocean or exploding.

Musk's Falcon 9 is the world's second reusable rocket to sucessfully launch and land after the Jeff Bezos owned Blue Origin achieved the feat in November.

All previous attempts from SpaceX to land on a floating landing pad were all unsuccessful.

Watch the replay of the launch and landing at and read Elon Musk's background and thoughts on the mission.

Speaking to reporters after the launch, Musk said, "This is a fundamental step change in technology compared to any rockets that have ever flown".

United States company SpaceX has successfully landed an unmanned rocket upright, after sending 11 satellites into orbit.

Just two minutes after launch that day, the Falcon 9 disintegrated, destroying food and other supplies greatly needed on board the space station.

"It's a revolutionary moment", Musk said, according to NBC News, after SpaceX landed its rocket Monday night.

SpaceX also plans on sending astronauts to the International Space Station as early as 2017.

The rocket's main stage, then turned around, fired a series of engine burns, deployed landing legs, and settled itself onto a newly refurbished landing pad occupying a decommissioned missile site.

It's kind of like a big deal what SpaceX has accomplished with the Falcon 9 Rocket.

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