Police recover body of man who fell through ice near Grand Forks


Police were called in about 2:45 p.m. yesterday after receiving a report of a male falling through the ice on the river, just east of Grand Forks.

The search for a man spotted in the Kettle River near Grand Forks B.C. on Wednesday is expected to resume on Thursday morning.

Using binoculars, they were able to spot a man clinging to the ice edge before observing him lose his grip and slip under the ice.

The identity of the man is unknown at this time.

Media reports say RCMP dive team has recovered the body of a man who fell through ice into the Kettle River near Grand Forks Wednesday.

"From a witness account, they were quite alarmed and mortified when they saw the man fall through the ice". Volunteers spotted the man's submerged body in the river and divers went in to recover him.

Mounties say the BC Coroners Service is now in charge of the investigation and officials are notifying the man's family.

Search-and-rescue crews from Nelson are helping with the recovery.

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