Moto G (3rd generation) starts recieving Android Marshmallow update

Motorola announces Marshmallow update for Moto G 3rd Gen

Moto G (2015) is yet to receive Android 6.0 update, but it's likely to arrive soon in 2016.

According to Android Police, the Moto X is the first non-Nexus Motorola device to have released Android 6.0 kernel source. Initially it appears to be limited to unlocked versions of the device.

Now the update is rolling out to unlocked units of the smartphone (XT1540) in North America.

It turns out that this update did a lot of harm to Moto X Pure devices as a lot of problems started emerging, and in this post we'll let you know how to fix some of the most basic issues that you might be facing if you updated to Android 6.0.

Instead, access to these sources is ideal for developers looking to do a variety of different things like adjusting the OS or optimizing it. Custom ROMs can be created based on the kernel sources, or users can opt for smaller tweaks in the software to personalize their Moto experience.

Besides all the Android M goodies, the new update removes the Migrate and Assist pre-installed apps, which should not really hit users as a surprise since the Lenovo-owned company had announced this change a few months back. Some developments to Moto enhancements include removal of Moto Assist feature as part of upgrade to Android M.

As per reports by NDTV's Gadget 360 the update also brings in "Do Not Disturb" option in the "Sound and notification" settings.



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